Worried About OSHC Post-Purchase Support? Not With KONPARE

The Roadmap To a Successful Sale

It is often forgotten, that a customer's journey doesn't end right after a sale.

If anything, you could argue that it is just the beginning. This is where post-purchase strategies are implemented, to enhance a client’s experience.

Take the comparison and purchase of Overseas Student Health Cover - (OSHC For Australia) as an Example.

At KONPARE , we provide our clients with up-to-date booklets that contains all the required information of the purchased policy. This applies to all our leading providers such as BUPA, nib, ahm, Allianz and Medibank.

To make their experiences more memorable, we must have certain processes in place that provide customers any and all information they may require during the life cycle of a purchased policy.

100% Authentic Customer Support

We also step in and provide support directly to students, so that they are confident that they can reach out to someone in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

This takes the burden away from our agents and counsellors, who can focus on the core functions of their business.

We also provide accurate guidelines when it comes to the claims process, albeit we strictly do not interpret rules but provide students with the guidance to reach out to the appropriate stakeholders.

Another circumstance not often discussed in the industry, is the unfortunate refusal of an individual’s visa.

As the purchasing of a health insurance is a pre-requisite, visa refusals also come with students applying for insurance refunds.

Here’s where our excellent and dedicated team steps in, taking the load off your backs so you can continue to focus on providing an exceptional customer experience.

You can refer these cases directly to us and we will take care of the rest!

Let KONPARE Worry For You

Zero hidden costs, hundred percent authentic customer service. That is the bottom-line we are really worried about, and rest assured your brand image is our priority.

Post-purchase anxiety is real and our aim is to reduce it.

At KONZE, we are often stuck in an internal battle between fighting for constant innovation and finding the right balance between customer satisfaction and experience.

With KONPARE, we truly believe we have achieved exactly that.