Why OSHC For Australia Is Critical & How KONPARE Plays A Major Role?

KONPARE & OSHC For Australia

Every student aspiring to study in Australia must secure Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Moreover, they have to keep an active policy that covers the entire length of your student visa.

Australia boasts one of the best healthcare systems in the world. It aims to deliver affordable & high-quality health care to Australian citizens via ‘Medicare’ - a universal public health care system. However, overseas students are required to take OSHC as part of their visa requirement.

OSHC for Australia helps international students to cover the costs of medical and hospital during their stay. OSHC includes ambulance cover and limited pharmaceutical items. It is vital to go through your ‘OSHC Deed’ to ensure which medical services and treatment are covered under the policy. Students shall take out the health insurance policy as per their needs and health condition.

OSHC for Australia is critical for students as they have to maintain adequate health insurance as a visa requirement. For any gap in the renewal period or payment delay, you may not be able to claim for services opted for during the time-lapse. While you would still be able to continue with your health cover, this might cause trouble during further student visa extension or change in visa status.

KONPARE brings delight to education agents as it eliminates the need of visiting various insurers’ websites. It fetches the real-time quotes for agents to easily compare and buy OSHC for students. Moreover, agents can earn commission from each OSHC policy, manage leads, increase brand visibility as well as improve efficiency.

How About OSHC & COVID-19?

OSHC does cover the illness occurring due to COVID-19, majorly related to lung, chest, kidney, bladder, and other such clinical categories. It is recommended for students to contact their private health insurer to know more about the same. For more information, students can also visit the ‘Department of Health.’