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Hello Education & Migration Agents!

Let’s settle down for the next 300 or odd seconds to understand how drastically a customer journey has changed in recent times.

More precisely, how the global pandemic has played a crucial role in customer’s perception & expectation towards products & services.

Customer Journey Map

In the conventional method, your leads or prospects first use to come in contact with the salesperson and then got introduced to the product or service. In short, the buying decision use to happen at a much later stage once the information is shared.

In today’s time, a major chunk of customer’s buying decisions is already processed even before reaching sales associates. Before arriving at your doorsteps (landing page), a prospect would have already checked your reviews, visited social channels, and more.

Digital transformation has changed the course of the flow of information. It has made it possible to capture the interest of leads from vivid sources by offering free student guide or e-book or webinars, etc.

More importantly, each one of these sources carries a set of unique data about the user persona. This set of information provides you with insights that you can use in your marketing to drive them down to your Sales Funnel for Education Agency . Moreover, it gives you chance to explore the need of clients & provided a dot-to-dot solution.

Let us see a scenario to give you a clear understanding of the same.

The above pattern gives us a clear picture of the need of various prospects taken into consideration.

In this post, we are going to see what education and migration agents need in terms of tools, platforms to streamline the operations as well as why they need it.

First, let’s see, Why You Need It?

The answer is pretty simple. To grow and succeed

 Does every business owner want to know how

  1. to increase lead generation?
  2. to increase revenue?
  3. to increase brand visibility?

In order to achieve why we will now have to move on and focus on “What”.

What do Education Agents need?

  1. Lead Management Software OR CRM Software
  2. Email Marketing Software
  3. Marketing & Sales Automation

Depending upon your operation and how farther you want to go in improving customer experience - you could either have a lead management software (LMS) or CRM software.

The lead management tool should keep a record of all the leads received irrespective of the channel. It may help if the lead pool is segregated as per the marketing campaign or channel e.g., leads received through social media posts, webinars, walk-ins, email newsletter, landing page, offline events, education expo, etc.

From the business point of view, an LMS can help you keep a record of all the leads (imagine writing contact info on a chit and then misplacing it). It also helps you in reducing the response time to close the sale. Moreover, as we saw the prospect scenario above, it helps you to assess and pinpoint the need of the client and craft your pitch accordingly.

An email drip marketing can help you to gain the lost leads from the break-point in your sales funnel. Let’s say you are invited to join an online session with the folks from the university. While the prospect was about to accept the invitation, s/he receives a phone call and then forgets to confirm.

An email drip marketing can help you to send them reminders right in time to get them back in your sales funnel. Now, remember, these are all the channels you imply to keep the prospect interested and informed, however, in no circumstances these should serve you as a hard sell.

Marketing & sales automation should help your enterprise to connect with customers, increase engagement across various channels, and most importantly, help you customize your product and services around the client’s requirements.

E.g. KONPARE is one such OSHC comparison tool that helps you to pitch student health insurance by comparing policies from government-approved health insurers.

It also helps you manage and convert the lead. With ‘White Labelling’ all the policies you sell will have your branding details resulting in more brand visibility and awareness.

Education and Migration agents can earn top-notch commissions creating a passive income for your business.

OSHC for Australia is a mandatory condition that requires students to purchase a health policy and keep it for the visa length.    

Wrap Up:

We at KONPARE, constantly strive to make education agents’ life easier overseas student health cover (OSHC).

Moreover, we present agents with a chance to become KONPARE partners at no cost and be a part of this revenue-generating platform by having a passive income from commission.

KONPARE associates can take a glance at sales reports, a commission earned, lead generation & management, and one-click sign-up to get your agency up and running! Try KONPARE today!