Top 4 Reasons To Use OSHC Comparison Portal

Alright, let’s begin…

The global pandemic demanded business owners, corporate giants, and even startup entrepreneurs to be resourceful. Major businesses had to witness layoffs, startups had to shut down, and much more happened due to economic turmoil. The education industry is one of them, was in a much dire need to rejig the way it works.

We will see ahead what education agents can use & how they can turn this calamity into a pool of opportunities using the OSHC agent portal or by becoming an OSHC partner.

Up to an extent, digital transformation paved the way to keep the measuring meter on the balance side. Of course, a few more than the other leveraged on it and kept their boat floating amid till 2nd wave of COVID pandemic. 

But, as it always has been, every cloud has a silver lining. Before any chances of the 3rd wave of COVID pandemic arises, most of the global developing villages are getting treated with vaccines. 

So, what does it mean for the Education Agents?

Time to straighten up your books, remove the elements causing friction in your sales funnel & get back on the bandwagon as many countries have opened international boundaries. 

Education, as well as migration agents, needs to buckle and prepare themselves & their businesses to benefit from automation. Forget about marketing & sales automation tools to streamline their business operations but also many have been using even student application portals in order to be more productive. Being resourceful is the key to excel in the #newnormal market.

One thing that the pandemic taught is to eliminate conventional ways and start automating their business process with the help of tools and technology available. Before we venture into how to become an OSHC partner and why you need an OSHC comparison portal, let’s recap a bit about OSHC in brief.

What is OSHC?

OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) for Australia is a mandatory health insurance requirement for International students who want to study in Australia. OSHC remains mandatory to secure under the visa condition 8501 by each aspiring International student. Overseas health insurance protects students in unforeseen health emergency situations. 

Student health insurance can be purchased from an education agent or from the applied university or directly from the insurer’s website. OSHC is private health insurance offered by government-approved leading insurers. Overseas health insurance covers the cost of hospital, medical treatment, and ambulance services.

Leading OSHC Providers are,

  • Ahm OSHC
  • Allianz OSHC
  • OSHC Nib
  • OSHC Medibank
  • CBHS International Health

It is neither feasible to visit each site individually (remember we said above to be resourceful) nor suggestive to have several portals to manage. For education agents, it is also not recommended to separately become an Ahm OSHC partner, Nib OSHC partner, Medibank OSHC partner, or any other for that matter.

However, what is advisable for education agents to rely on is a comprehensive OSHC comparison portal. A tool that not only looks after overseas health insurance but also understands the need for brand awareness, building customer loyalty, generating additional revenue, especially in unprecedented times like the one right now.

KONPARE - An OSHC Partner Portal

KONPARE aims to make handling of OSHC stress-free for education agents. It does by bringing all the leading overseas health insurance providers under one roof.

A single platform to compare different OSHC policies, keep a track of leads generated, policies purchased, a commission earned, integrated reports to track agency performance, and much more. 

Why do Education Agents need To Have An OSHC Portal?

Without any further due let’s discuss the top 4 reasons to use the KONPARE OSHC comparison portal.

1. All OSHC Providers In A Single Platform

Isn’t it tedious to keep track & manage leads from various sources? With KONPARE stop worrying about losing leads from any stages of your sales funnel. (Click here to know how an ideal sales funnel looks like?) 

2. Access To Instant Policy Certificate 

More often than not, agents have to wait to get the policy document from a student in order to lodge the visa application. With the KONPARE OSHC portal, agents no longer need to wait as they’ll also have the access to policy certificates and hence process visa applications in time.

3. White Labelling

The OSHC agent portal will not only allow you to fetch live and accurate quotes but also you can send them directly to your clients and students by personalizing them with your branding details. This helps them to make a spontaneous decision as well as increase the popularity of your brand.  

4. Quantify Your Efforts

The KONPARE OSHC comparison tool gets you the complete record of ‘Reports’ in just one click. You can easily quantify your efforts and get a comprehensive report of the sales generated & revenue earned from it. Moreover, a quick glance will help you to track the progress of your sales and work on the dropping points.

Wrap Up:

KONPARE is not just only a tool, but it is an additional source of revenue. You can instantly access the policy certificate from the dashboard, create multiple users accounts as per the role, increase operational efficiency and productivity, and much more.

Stay tuned with us for more updates and trendy posts, which can help education agents grow their businesses.