Strategies Education Agents Must Incorporate For New-age Students

The demand and need of aspiring international students have changed overwhelmingly. Of course, the COVID-19 has certainly raised a few questions for international students, their career trajectory, future growth, and so on.

Today’s new-age students are well informed and thus, look for the best option suiting to their needs. May it be selecting a university, program, or even picking up the best overseas student health cover (OSHC) for Australia.

The current crisis did enable to manage most of the education operations via digital medium starting from visa applications, payments, securing student health cover to online classes. However, it did substantially affected the education agents’ businesses from the inside out. Thus, the global pandemic has out-rightly forced education agencies to rethink their strategy.

Desperate Time Calls For Desperate Measures!

Here is what every education agent/consultant should do amid COVID-19 to make their business viable again. To begin with, counselors should initiate their pitch not by offering what they have but by pinpointing & addressing student’s needs. The 21st_century student community is not the same as the previous one.

Without further ado, let’s understand what the new-age students want from their education agents.

How to Find Your Target Audience

Your business will always be hanging in the middle if you do not understand & act as per your target audience. You might be a startup or an established education agency; however, a 360-degree outlook is a must to grow a business.

You’ll need to capture the interest, analyze the category of students you wish to enroll, what your competitors are up to, what leads expect, and most importantly, how you are different from the rest.

Think Global, Act Local

The main reason for a student to approach any education agency is because they want clear & concise advice. Moreover, students trust you due to the immense expertise accumulated for being associated with universities & college administration. In short, they come to you in the hope of receiving help in drafting their student journey map.

In such a situation, your marketing drives and digital campaigns should be focusing on your target from the local market. If you have offices in different cities, you could also run a universal promotion or event tailored around the specific needs of the local students. During coronavirus, education agents should leverage by conducting webinars.

2 Let’s say a virtual session on just the “Enrollment Requirements” before the start of an intake or just after completing final exams would be highly beneficial for the students to make informed decisions.

Don’t Deliver Service. Deliver Experience!

Presentation is the key. Minute attention to details, may it be your website or office or a makeshift seminar hall, you need to deliver experience. Once students feel surrounded by the atmosphere, you’ll no longer need to work on converting the leads.

The theme of the topic, your marketing efforts, office presentation, website landing page, etc., should be in sync. This perpetual alignment will lead students to feel comfortable with your subject matter expertise.

Be Competitive In Pricing

You can’t do much when it comes to tuition fees or visa charges. As a consultant, your job is to show your clients how they can save. Your consultation should drive them to understand the areas where they can have pocket-friendly deals.

By comparing various health insurer’s plans, students can save a huge on their overseas student health cover (OSHC) for Australia. Also, presenting the options to check deals on student accommodation both off-campus as well as on-campus. Additionally, upon successful visa filing and outcome, they could even save on airfare with advanced booking.

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Clear Communication

The communication gap will lead to different versions of promises. Ultimately, clients lose trust when the promises aren’t delivered. Not communicating clearly is the most common reason for the downfall of many businesses.

Effective communication about the available options will make you stay put with your moral grounds. Also, it will maximize your chance of lead conversion, which should be the goal for you to grow the business.

Wrap Up:

KONPARE is not just only a tool, but it is an additional source of revenue. You can instantly access the policy certificate from the dashboard, create multiple user accounts as per the role, increase operational efficiency and productivity, and much more.

Stay tuned with us for more updates and trendy posts, which can help education agents grow their business.