4 Reasons To Stop Managing Your Education Consultancy By Yourself

Background On KONPARE OSHC Agent Portal

We saw in our last post (5 Effective Ways To Increase Revenue With OSHC Portal) about how startup education consultants who began their entrepreneurial journey can tap into the world of venture capital financing.

Moreso, how the KONPARE OSHC agent portal helps education agents in revenue, operations, and quantify sales.

In this post, as the title suggests, “4 Reasons To Stop Managing Your Education Consultancy By Yourself”, we would be discussing why you should stop managing everything by yourself if you want success in your business.

More importantly, we would be discussing how you can stop doing whatever it is that is binding you to do everything by yourself.

First of all, let’s get rid of “Why” you should stop doing everything by yourself.

The Drawbacks are:-

  • Miss The Big Picture
  • Ineffective Leadership
  • Sidetrack From Mentoring Others
  • Rush & Make Mistakes
  • Suffer From Burnout

Now let’s begin with the “how” part.

Are you a perfectionist? Of course, you are! Otherwise, why else you would be involved in the most critical sector - the overseas education & immigration industry.

The good thing about perfectionists is that they envision. The problem with perfectionists is that they are always in the unsure phase (because of the inability to trust others in fulfilling the task as optimally as you would) & try to accomplish most by themselves.

But this attribute sometimes may do more harm than benefit.

Education Agents, Migration Agents, & OSHC For Australia

A typical day would involve you to bifurcate activities based on existing & potential clients. Of course, the same thing is to focus on the tasks pertaining to clients at hand in the first half. So, mostly you would be dealing with process & operation.

These could range from meeting clients, processing university applications, buying OSHC for Australia, visa lodging & tracking status, etc.

On the other hand, the task related to potential clients involves you strategizing marketing, branding, promotion, as well as optimize the sales funnel to have the least ‘drop-offs’ of leads.

All these tasks might seem easy, but they are not only time-consuming but you also need to pay meticulous attention to details. A minor administrative error may cost a visa rejection or not being attentive might lead to an unwanted OSHC policy.

Below mentioned are the 4 reasons to avoid managing your education agency by yourself.

Reason 1: Inefficiency

Ever watched a game of football? Well, the point to put forth is that you don’t want each player to go forward but the ball to score a goal. In a similar fashion, if you alone are trying to push forward in your agency, the resultant efficiency will not be up to mark.

Reason 2: Performance

Well, you might be stronger & faster than the rest in your mind, but at the end of the day, you’ll need to put them on paper and execute them. After execution, you’ll need to measure and quantify the outcome which will ultimately show the performance. May it be a social media post or collaborating with universities or OSHC providers such as Ahm OSHC, Allianz OSHC, BUPA OSHC, OSHC Nib, OSHC Medibank, etc.

Reason 3: Fatigue

Well, as you know that KONPARE is a portal for education agents to offer overseas health insurance. What is the point of selling overseas student health insurance (OSHC) if you are not taking precautions to keep well? Health is wealth. Doing everything by yourself & pushing beyond your body limits should be a no-no.? Don’t Preach What You Can’t Practice.

Reason 4: Success

There is a difference between working hard and working smart. In 2021, business owners such as yourself should not only rely on being smart but also leverage via digital transformation.

You must adopt various tools and technology to bypass few tedious business functions. Automating the certain business process will also reap you huge benefits and save you time.

All-in-all your main priority should be to focus on growth & success. The more you spend your energy, and time dealing with smaller tasks the better it would be for your larger goals.

Why You Need The KONPARE Policy Management Portal?

KONPARE brings you a complete pre-built ecosystem to supervise overseas health insurance via a plug-n-play OSHC SaaS tool.

Here's how KONPARE makes your life easy:-

  • Unlimited role-based access control (empower your staff)
  • On-demand demo (Know KONPARE from intro to business-oriented tool
  • Support & training from the KONPARE team (superior 24*7 support)
  • Reliable & secure (data security & privacy with encrypted servers)
  • Scalable online marketplace (OVHC coming soon)
  • Unrestricted productivity (features, reports, analytics & more)
  • Dynamic performance (use your Whitelabel URL to directly promote your brand on social media)
  • Global leaders are powered by KONPARE (270+ agents & 2000+ policies sold as of today)

Wrap Up:

KONPARE is not just only a tool, but it is an additional source of revenue. You can instantly access the policy certificate from the dashboard, create multiple user accounts as per the role, increase operational efficiency, productivity, and much more.

Stay tuned with us for more updates and trendy posts, which can help education agents grow their businesses.