KONPARE OSHC Knowledge Sharing Webinar with Consultants

We never miss on any opportunity that would lead to empowering education & migration consultants.

In the wake of recently becoming the KONPARE affiliates, we saw this chance of encouraging consultants to adapt the OSHC comparison portal.

On the 16th of May 2022, we held an engaging webinar on “How to Automate Your OSHC Process?”.

The webinar received a good turnout from regional areas. To make the session more interactive and address the pain points more firmly, the session was delivered in the local vernacular.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Australia is a complex subject and requires traversing through a diverse landscape. Hence, OSHC in Australia requires simplistic workflow automation which is solved by KONPARE.

The webinar was titled “Automate Your OSHC Process", which aimed to spread awareness within Education & Migration community. Our objective has always been to drive higher efficiency and that is what we do aim for in each webinar.

The panellists for the evening were:

  • Sahil Gera (Managing Director, Ibex Consultants) 
  • Hardik Chavda (Sales Head, KONZE),
  • Dharmistha Odich (Customer Success Manager, KONZE), 
  • Bharat Rajput (Business Development Manager, KONZE)

Sahil Gera of Ibex Consultants started the discussion by advising organizations in international education to always look out for their students.

“The motivation for a business should always be to guide students the right way. Students and their parents trust us because somewhere we draw the map to their careers and in-turn lives,” he said.

Looking at what KONPARE can do today for consultants, he also highlighted how tedious the approach was it to traditionally secure OSHC & had to hire a dedicated resource to manage all the OSHC queries.

“Now with Konpare, I can do it by myself. With just a few clicks I can purchase policies in minutes,” he added.  

The webinar then headed to a Q&A session. Dharmistha Odich and Bharat Rajput from Konze jointly attended queries raised by the participants.

Most common topics were including demos for consultants, lead management and the existing commission structure.

In many ways, the webinar showcased the strong community value. This highlighted that the power of collaboration will always be one of our biggest strengths.