KONPARE & KONZE Set The Pace For Future Through Evolving Technology

An Ever-Changing Industry

The demands of a business in the fast-paced Overseas Health Insurance (OSHC) industry are continuously evolving. Time is of the essence and there is only so much that can be done to continuously improve internal processes to facilitate this.

The moment you start introducing tech and digital solutions to an OSHC compare however, we begin to scale to newer heights. It is a philosophy we have constantly emphasised on, as we push for a world with more efficiency.

Here’s what we are offering with Konpare. A solitary click that provides your end client with an entire quote of their desired Overseas Visitor Health Cover Provider. While it sounds too easy, we are really trying to break free from the shackles of comfortability.

In a traditional method, we would be looking at our education agents and counsellors manually searching up policies from a limited number of providers.

This quote would then be forwarded to the students who would make a decision. The process is dull and invites stagnation when it could be sped up.

A One-Stop Solution

KONPARE in turn fixes these core issues, as we turn these one-click quotes into a seamless purchase process.

Payments can be made on the spot or direct purchase links can be emailed to students.

The aim here is to pump those conversion numbers up, and through transparency and clear goal-setting, we achieve exactly that. 

Rest assured our tech is sound, with end-clients receiving policy certificates instantly. This was virtually unheard of in previous years and at KONZE we are always looking to innovate unconventional ways of working.

We know that the fact of the matter is - students form the core of your business. Regardless of all the solutions you are bound to come up with to increase those numbers, the bottom-line remains the same.

Better experiences lead to more customers. Let KONZE be the drivers of that change.