Know More About KONPARE


KONPARE is an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) comparison tool designed for Education Agents to help international students compare all health covers in one platform. 

It assists the education agents in guiding these students to buy the most suitable OSHC policy according to their need and budget. KONPARE showcases everything under one platform making the students’ and Education Agents’ life simpler.

Benefits of KONPARE

Partnering with KONPARE has many benefits:

  • Agents can find the lists of all leading OSHC providers under one platform

  • KONPARE Widgets can be integrated into any website

  • Saves time and effort on comparing various plans and helps choose the best one.

  • Option for Emailing the Quotes on Widget comparison page

Unique Selling Point of KONPARE

  • Provides accurate and updated data

  • Streamlines the workflow

  • Saves time

  • Increases efficiency

  • Helps to Retain Clients with a professional approach

Features of KONPARE

1. Lead Generation and Management:

When a client visits the website and submits the enquiry providing personal details, phone number or email, a lead will be created in your Agent portal. You will have some options to track the progress of each of the leads and add notes.

2. Widget Integration and White Labelling:

For the first comparison, integrate the Widget in your (agent’s) website. KONPARE will also feature you on their home page.

3. Get Accurate Quotes:

The clients can get accurate quotes by providing the start date, end date and visa type at the time of using our Widget on your website. You can guide them, or they can choose the best policy.

4. Send Personalised Quotes:

Options to send an instant email to your website users is just a click away. Send the quotes by attaching your brand name and contact details to enhance brand awareness.

5. Unlimited User Access:

Create and maintain multiple User Accounts of your employees in the Agent portal.

6. Sales Reporting:

A chance to receive a concise, detailed report of generated sales, revenue and commission earned in your Agent portal. Option to track the progress of the sales.

How to Integrate the Tool to Your Website?

Extremely easy to set up. Just follow the below steps:

Step 1: Visit and check the website preview and get the idea of how the tool will look in your website

Step 2: Enter your website details. You will receive an email that describes the steps to integrate the KONPARE Widget on your website.

Step 3: Log in to your account and get the Widget Code

Step 4: Copy the embed script and paste it in your website’s HTML source.

Step 5:
Refresh your page to see the widget embedded