Key Sales Funnel Stages For An International Education Agency

Hello Education & Migration Agents! The catalysts of the student world. Working day-in & day-out, implementing strategies, running online & social media ads, streamlining marketing channels & sales funnel - all for just one reason - to make student’s dream come true of studying abroad.

International education agencies, as well as respective education agents, may enclose themselves thinking travel ban, border closure, etc., have brought saturation in the higher education market. 

Actually, No. We figured that out and more in how to improve & excel in smart student recruitment  using Google Analytics, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, to A/B testing. More importantly, how these channels may help you grow your business and take another look at the ‘market being saturated’ notion.

The 2nd wave of COVID-19 is still lurking around and keeping many industry sectors stay grounded.


However, long before COVID-19, universities and colleges have started offering courses via online mediums. Have we forgotten about the evening classes for professionals? Don’t you remember the specially curated management courses for corporate employees?

All COVID-19 has done is accelerated the rate of our acceptance towards the online medium. There is no denying that in-class coaching does offer its merits; but, on the contrary, students may choose to pursue many things at once due to the convenience.

We all have now entered an era demonstrated as ‘New Normal’ where everything is available at the doorstep including education. But due to the very same reason, universities and campuses are once again filled with virtual online classes. There might be a reduction in fees or in courses that are offered but it doesn’t mean that business isn’t ongoing.

They say that to play the game; one must learn the rules. But, what you do when the entire game is changed? Changed to online.

Simple. Take a digital-first approach and turn your brand digital-friendly. In fact, digital transformation may help education agents save more financially and simultaneously be more productive & efficient.

So, now when you know the rules, you are onto how to play the game. Thus, How to Jumpstart Your Business & Grow?

We have put together a few marketing tactics to help education agents. Here they are:

Marketing Strategies For Education Agents:

Create Reporting Command-Center

A common challenge faced by education agents is their marketing budget allocation which is spread across various sales funnel stages. This makes it difficult to keep an eye centralize marketing expenditure and results in various reports to analyze performance. Creating a centralized reporting structure will help you to analyze data and make an informed decision.

Use Automation

When most of your daily tasks & operations can be streamlined by automation tools then why not go for it?

To grow, you’ll need to be able to measure the output. Education agents should experiment with tools starting from managing student application portal, lead generation tool, OSHC comparison tool, etc.

These so-called ‘Sales & Marketing Automation Tools’ helps you to measure results on a minute level. You won’t be able to say for sure how many people took notice of a print media poster on a street pole, but you could certainly say for sure that how many visitors or clicks you had on a particular website page or a Facebook or Instagram post.   

KONPARE is one such revenue-generating platform that helps you to earn a higher commission on each overseas student health cover (OSHC) for Australia as well as manage lead conversion.

Go Live

Whether it's an industry or an integral update with regards to your services, just go live. It is the best way to stay in real-time connected while delivering the much-needed information to your students.

You could try Facebook live, Instagram stories, Video chat for Snapchat, etc., to create buzz. You should go gaga over let’s say a Q&A session you organized with a university rep or live stream events such as an educational expo, etc.

This method will help you to build relationships with potential students. Furthermore, once you capture their interest and know what they want, you could direct your content marketing strategy and pitch-perfect services as per their needs. 

Change Language

Such as your company, brand, and services are unique - similarly so is your target audience. Each student has different needs and requirements that they are expecting from education or migration agents.

And so does the language and inputs need to be changed. You will need to personalize communication as per the group that you are targeting.

The best way to step foot forward is by segregating your audience segment-wise. Just an example of it would be:

Country-wise: Make a separate group slot for students by country-wise e.g., Australia, USA, UK, etc.

Age-wise: Students in this segment are of the same age group but yet to decide on their career trajectory.

Career Starters: This category may have the students with same age group but are more likely enthusiastic about prospects and also exploring options with agents

Stream Changers: These students are looking to switch the field of study due to the lack of opportunities and growth in the current one.

Remember, your content has to be personalized in each of your marketing efforts and campaigns in order to perfectly struck your potential clients.

Track The Right KPI’s

If you are seeing a good turnout or a substantial lead conversion through one of your online marketing initiatives, well it's a good thing but you shouldn’t stop there. You need to constantly follow and track the right key performance indicators. Such as:-

Call-to-Action Conversion Rate: Are visitors filling up forms, downloading the e-guide, or registering for events? Get on with your CTA activity and measure the performance.

Traffic Source: Are you drawing traffic from landing page, email outreach, or organic search?

Social Media Engagement: Are you able to catch your students' attention on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram? Have you increased subscribers or followers and are they engaging with your brand for the services?

Cost of Acquisition: At last, you’ll need to calculate how much did you spend in each sales funnel stages and how many students did it convert via each campaign?  

Wrap Up:

We hope that the higher education marketing tips which we covered in this post will be beneficial to you. We at KONPARE, constantly strive to make education agents’ life easier overseas student health cover (OSHC).

Moreover, we present agents with a chance to become KONPARE partner at no cost and be a part of this revenue-generating platform by having a passive income from commission. What are you waiting for? - Try KONPARE today!