Inside Out of KONPARE OSHC Portal

We are into a little celebration mode because of the below milestone. Our sincere gratitude to all education and migration agents who trusted in the KONPARE OSHC tool and making it a first preference to buy student health insurance.

Moreover, the trust they have shown has made KONPARE not just a go-to OSHC for Australia tool but also enables them to keep a track of leads generated, policies purchased, commission, and much more.

In this post, we decided to talk deeper about functionalities that might help you further to optimize business functions. Moving forward, we will be discussing the KONPARE dashboard, how to get a quote, inquiries, policies purchased, reports, role permission, and account.

Let’s get started.

For those of you who are here for the first time, KONPARE Widget can be easily integrated into your website to compare different OSHC policies. KONPARE makes your job easy by bringing all the leading OSHC providers under a single roof.

How To Effectively Use Student Health Insurance Portal?


It acts as the command center for your business and helps you keep a bird-eye-view of the inquiry, purchase & sales reports. You can also check the last month's commission received, date, and amount.

Additionally, the dashboard allows you to watch learn ‘how-to’ videos regarding various functionalities. Last but not the least, the dashboard shows a graphical presentation of monthly sales and commission. You can even filter the results by year and OSHC provider.

Get Quote:

This menu brings you a pool of OSHC health insurance from leading OSHC providers. You can purchase on behalf of your clients or send the details to them via email by adding your brand name as a benefit of White labeling.

All you have to do is select the ‘Cover type’, ‘Start date’ & ‘End date’ to get various competitive OSHC policies. Moreover, you could also select the ‘Extension’ tab on the top to buy the extension of a policy.


This field of the OSHC comparison tool displays all inquiries received irrespective of the status. Status can be classified into ‘not purchased’, ‘purchased’, ‘policy refund’, ‘refund reject’, etc.

If a client inquired offline about student health insurance, you can generate a new inquiry from the button located at the top right. This will help you to create a track of the total leads generated.

Policies Purchased:

This tab allows education agents to get comprehensive details of the purchased & refund policies. One can easily get a hold of lead ID, contact info, policy details & document to simplify the task. For a refund, you’ll need to click on the ‘$’ sign to know the refund details such as the date requested and the reason for the refund.

All the refund requests initiated come straight to the Admin and can be taken to the relevant OSHC provider for further action.

Refund Requests:

Education agents can generate refund requests on behalf of students for overseas student health cover. Check the status of the request processed under ‘Refund Status’. You can filter the request by reason, OSHC providers, or even search for a specific one by lead code, name, email address, or phone number.

‘Refund Status’ will keep on updating the latest progress and will display the same. Refund notes will display any additional information needed to process the refund from the OSHC provider.


The reports tab gives you insights on a sales report, commission payout, commission reports, and visa status. Sales report will display details like invoice no & date, GST amount, Sales amount, etc.

Commission payout

displays each policy’s ‘Pair or Unpaid’ status and timestamp & payment draft for the paid ones.

The visa status report

will give student details, policy details, total commission, payout status, and much more.

Manage Users:

This field will help you to set up new users, manage their roles & permissions, and check all users at once. Add new users allow you to furnish new user details such as photo, name, email id, and their role in the company. Additionally, you can assign roles & set permissions under manage roles.

You should choose Role wise allocation in the scenario wherein you want to give the same level of access to everyone.

In case, if you wish to provide a few more access to one person and others in the same department then you should select User-wise permission.


You can view and manage every information of your company profile under this tab. You would mostly find Company Profile, Company Settings, Widget settings, and My Commission in it.

Company profile

displays info like company name, registered business name, phone, email id, address, etc.

Company settings

help you to set up address details, contact info, emails, link to social profiles, etc. Once you click on ‘Save & Next, it asks you to furnish a bank account, sign the agreement, email settings, and more.

The widget helps

to compare the OSHC policies fast. The ‘Getting Started’ tab presents a script to be copied into your website’s HTML source. ‘Appearance’ tab helps you to choose theme color and alignment.

‘Preference’ button helps you to choose the frequency of the pop-ups to the returning user for KONPARE, Widget & Widget Slide. Simultaneously, ‘Whitelabel’ & ‘Banner Box’ will help you with customized branding and displaying of the banner box.

My Commission helps you to identify the commission rates of different OSHC providers from here. You would find the provider names & commission offered listed under this option. You can ‘inactivate’ any provider from here if you wish to hide their quote from the widget.

Wrap Up:

KONPARE a comprehensive OSHC comparison tool brings you the best quote from government-approved OSHC providers. You can send instant policy certificates, earn a generous commission, send quotes with your branding, and much more at no cost at all.