5 Important Things To Look For In Education Migration Consultant Portal

When students, visitors, and others seek out an Education & Migration Consultant (EMC), one of the important questions they ask is, "Do you offer overseas health insurance?". Of course, this happens besides the usual discussion over Course, University, Course, etc.

Overseas student health insurance is a huge part of studying abroad besides the mandatory requirement in Australia. Even those who plan on staying in their home country during their studies or other work-related travels should look into medical travel insurance as well as emergency evacuation & repatriation coverage.

An Education and Migration Consultant will be able to recommend the best OSHC/OVHC providers for your specific needs.

When making a final decision, though, it's important that you do your own due diligence -- from checking customer reviews, comparing OSHC/OVHC Australia plans to read all fine print carefully before opting for any policy.

What Exactly Is a CRM and What Should Education & Migration Consultants Look for in One?

The CRM system is a powerful tool that helps you to more efficiently communicate with prospective students.

It also enables the organization with tasks, assignments, and segmenting leads for tracking purposes as well as keeping an eye on productivity levels among other things - all in one place!

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, tool, or portal could either be focusing on all the areas of your business operations or maybe just a handful.

The important thing to know is that a CRM helps you to manage your leads and marketing efforts more efficiently by organizing tasks, assigning leads to appropriate team members for follow-up communication with prospective students.

It also lets the team track the productivity levels of each individual in order to better understand their needs throughout different stages in the student lifecycle.

Benefits of a CRM

Your insurance processing team will be able to closely monitor each lead's progress from when they first contact you until the visa lodging paperwork has been submitted. It allows them to make better & informed decisions about future initiatives or marketing strategies going forward because they are well aware of the roadblocks.

The benefits don't stop here. Since everything can easily flow through this central hub, it is quite handy for you to segregate leads, get reports, create marketing campaigns, and much more.

A student’s journey map is quite unique in their growth patterns, so your CRM should be too. You’ll want the software to grow with you & your process-standing up well even when faced against increasingly large amounts of data and increasing demand from students w.r.to their Overseas Student Health Cover and other auxiliary services!

Why a Customized CRM for Education Migration Consultant Is the Ideal Solution?

Imagine a CRM that has all of your school’s most important needs pre-packaged and ready to go!

I know what you may be thinking. "Precise reporting tools? Sounds too good to be true."

But trust us on this one: You'll never again need those hours spent sorting through data, trying in vain for some extra insight about how things are going at home or in the classroom-because with the plug-n-play KONPARE - Overseas Insurance Agent Portal, we've already got it covered from A - Z (and more features coming up).


What are things consultants should look for in a portal?

Let’s understand,

5 Important Things To Look For In Education Migration Consultant Portal

  1. Is The Portal Student-Centered Or Business-Focused?

As a consultant, your focus should be on the target audience i.e, aspiring students willing to study in Australia & adopt a system that puts your prospect’s needs upfront.

However, it should also amalgamate and resonate with your business process. The portal should intuitively help the team to intuitively guide in processing various steps of the student lifecycle starting from managing leads, processing insurance, visa lodging, etc. Thus, you’ll need to opt for a portal that works both ways.

Example: The KONPARE overseas health insurance portal allows you to send quotes with your branding through the “Whitelabel” feature, choice of comparing OSHC plans from leading OSHC providers, processing policy refunds, and much more.

  1. Does The Portal Help You To Nurture Ties & Engage With The Student Process?

At any given time, you should be able to project a strong connection with your prospect. Moreso, emphasize student success from day one. Meaning, the portal should have features that engage with students’ needs - promoting transparency & trust.

Example: Managing and nurturing leads to utilize not only for securing overseas health insurance but also further can be utilized for migration services. KONPARE Agent portal also helps you with commission management and invoices. Also, within a matter of seconds, you and your students will receive a health policy certificate.

  1. Does The Portal Promote Collaboration & Eliminate Working In Silo Mode?

The portal should be a unified platform for all to collaborate and simultaneously deliver an enriching experience to all. You must check if the agent portal is designed to streamline every aspect of the student health insurance and visa application process all at the same time.

Example: The “Assign-Role” feature in the KONPARE SaaS-based OSHC portal increases the productivity of the team by allowing them to work together.

  1. Is The Portal Compatible And Customizable?

The portal you select must integrate well with your existing system. Doing so ensures that the information you share is maintained centrally and can be accessible by everyone at any time. Moreover, it will allow you to take your marketing and communication efforts to the next level.

Example: By just copying the HTML code, consultants can easily do the “Widget Integration” of the Overseas Health Insurance Portal to their website. It is compatible with almost every system and if there arise any issues, the premium support team is always readily available. Consultants can send policy quotes with the company logo, brand theme, color, etc.

  1. Is The Portal Scalable?

The needs of students may evolve from time to time. Additionally, the education migration consultants also need to diversify their services.

Hence, the portal they choose must adhere to adopt a scalable model wherein, it just does not remain simply an application portal or overseas health insurance portal. On the contrary, it should become an all-in-one marketplace.

Example: Recently, the KONPARE OSHC portal is not just limited to OSHC, however, it can also be used by consultants to offer Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC). The portal works to generate additional revenue by the commission, streamlines business operations, increases brand awareness, & builds customer loyalty.

Wrap Up:

KONPARE is not only just an online health insurance comparison tool but also helps you as a sales & marketing automation tool.

You can request a quick demo session to know & experience the KONPARE portal. KONPARE helps your business by being at the top end of the sales funnel.

It also ensures the seamless flowing of your prospects in each stage instead of shoving or pushing them down while focusing on generating extra revenue by commission.