How To Make Your Education & Immigration Consultancy Digital-Friendly?

Times Have Changed. Well, in a Way, it keeps Changing, Isn’t it?

The Current times dictate and demand businesses to not only watch the digital space for trends but also to mark their presence. If not, it is quite easy for them to lose the interest of their target audience.

Let’s talk about the education industry & more precisely about education & migration consultancy.
What benefits does it hold for them to be digital-friendly?

Education & Immigration Consultancy’s Tasks

A day’s life cycle of an education consultant or migration consultant rotates around performing a multitude of business activities. Usually, it comprises of,

  1. Study guidance
  2. English proficiency test
  3. University admissions
  4. Overseas health insurance
  5. Financial counseling
  6. Visa lodging

Well, If you are involved in doing all the activities by yourself, the first thing you should do is “STOP”


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Merely creating accounts on social media platforms or posting a few posts isn’t going to help you uncover the potential of your education & migration consultancy.

Instead, you should focus & keep a 360-degree approach. First things first, here’s what you need to work on a priority basis.

  1. Sales CRM
  2. Marketing Automation
  3. Newsletter
  4. Chat-bot
  5. Live Streaming
  6. Social Platforms 
  7. Mobile-Friendly Website

Before we proceed, we would like to draw attention and make it clear that, KONPARE isn’t for large giants who have already grabbed their fair share of the market. In terms of everything starting from university collaboration to establishing channel partner stream.

We are here for small & medium education & migration consultancies, who might have a limited student base but are willing to grow, become profitable, empower & do more.

For all the below things, you might think not to invest or get a paid subscription just because you are catering to a small group of students and it is manageable. 

Well, true. But the questions remain, don’t you want to grow & cater to a larger target audience?

We understand that you might be operating with a limited budget whether to handle accounts, marketing, operations, etc. But, we are aiming & hoping for you to at least begin with free trials, try and test how it works for your consultancy.

Using such online tools or online portals will not only help you to accelerate business functions but also keep a track of performance.

Sales CRM

This is one such tool we recommend every education and migration consultant should start using it. It helps to understand the journey and more importantly, from which of your sales funnel stages the leads are falling off. Such sales and marketing automation tools also deliver insights and data which you can further work upon to improve conversions.

Marketing Automation

Keeping your marketing initiatives aligned with the marketing automation service is of utmost necessity.  For example, tracking your digital interactions of a social media post or the open ratio of the emails.


Newsletters are also a great way to draw attention by sending industry updates or news, product and/or service updates, etc. 


Chat-bot is a great way to deal with user queries. It also enhances their user experience as well as builds trust for your brand.

Live Streaming

Delivering live streams on Facebook live, Instagram Stories, Video chat, etc are emerging digital marketing strategies your education consultancy can use to be more digital-friendly. You can cover a wide range of topics starting from Q&A, explainer videos, feature & benefits, process, etc.

KONPARE deals with overseas health insurance with all the OSHC & OVHC providers under one roof. Department of Home Affairs has mandated for every International student to have adequate health cover for the duration of their stay.

Education and Migration consultants can easily compare & buy policies from either of the OSHC providers such as Ahm OSHC, Allianz OSHC, BUPA OSHC, OSHC Nib, OSHC Medibank.

Moreover, the one-click on-boarding process allows consultants to access their OSHC Agent Portal instantly.

Let’s See How KONPARE Makes Your Life Easy :

  1. Unlimited role-based access control (Empower Your Staff)
  2. On-demand demo (Know KONPARE From the intro to Business-oriented Tool)
  3. Support & training from the KONPARE team (Superior 24*7 Support)
  4. Reliable & secure (Data Security & Privacy With Encrypted Servers)
  5. Scalable online marketplace
  6. Unrestricted productivity (Features, Reports, Analytics & More)
  7. Dynamic performance (Use Your Whitelabel URL to Directly Promote Your Brand on Social Media)
  8. Global leaders are powered by KONPARE (400+ Agents & 2000+ Policies Sold as of Today)

The purpose of building a digital-friendly brand is not only to utilize all the mediums available out there but to use them to your advantage with relevant content, etc.

Wrap Up:

KONPARE is not only just an online health insurance comparison tool but also helps you as a sales & marketing automation tool. You can request a quick demo session to know & experience the KONPARE Portal.

KONPARE helps your business by being at the top end of the sales funnel. It also ensures the seamless flowing of your prospects in each stage instead of shoving or pushing them down while focusing on generating extra revenue by commission.