How To Decide Up-on A White label Software For Your Company

You may be thinking, "I don't want to develop my software!" But did you know that there are companies out there who will do all of this work for YOU?

You don't need any technical experience or expertise in programming because the company creating it will do all of this for you! Nowadays people demand convenience; if something can easily be done.

White label software is like a finished product, customizable to your company's needs.

KONPARE is one such White label product that education and migration consultants can use to their advantage for their agency. More on that later. But first, let’s see,

Why Do Companies Choose White label Software?

For centuries, companies have sought to balance the benefits of making versus buying. 

Should you hire a marketing staff or contract with consultants? Build an in-house factory and design your products, or outsource production overseas where costs are lower but quality remains high. 

Hiring someone else for some tasks is often more cost-effective than doing those same jobs yourself.

The white label concept isn’t unique to only software businesses today; businesses leverage it to not create conflict between departments.

To reduce the hassle for International education consultants, KONPARE helps them to streamline their ‘Overseas Health Insurance’. 

Cost & Competence

In the international education business, if visa consultants were to focus on developing their White label solutions - Not only they would be diverting from their core business operations but also will be notoriously expensive.

Think of investing hugely in research, development and designing the software that meets your needs.

On the other hand, even if they outsource, getting work done on deadlines and handling a team of developers is not everyone’s cup of tea.

So the best option remains to opt for a White label solution. There are many benefits associated with the White label products such as,

Benefits of White Label Solution:

Time To Market:

You can get a working product in a week or two with the right white-label solution [By the way, just so you know KONPARE is a plug-n-play portal that can be instantly used to compare & buy overseas health insurance].

White label solutions are great for cutting your time to market, making you more competitive by using them immediately with your branding added!

Low Barrier To Entry:

White label products provide the best entry to explore the new market or industry niches. The initial cost of white-labelled systems is low since you pay monthly fees (KONPARE - FREE OSHC) and the vendor provides all their expertise.

This can get your business up and running with all the necessary capabilities in no time at all!

Easy To Scale:

White label solutions help you to diversify and scale your business. You can concentrate on sales, marketing campaigns, etc. Moreover, these white label products are tried and tested to withstand high usage.

[KONPARE portal can seamlessly manage ‘n’ number of policy transactions; where ‘n’ varies from 1 to 8]

No Maintenance Cost:

The cost of in-house software development is too high and the maintenance low. White label providers offer an affordable alternative that will never go out of date.

This makes them perfect for businesses who want their brand message delivered consistently across all channels without having to pay extra fees every time there's a change or update!

Offer Multitudes of Services:

The white-label approach is quick and cost-effective when you need to deliver & offer various services.

Additionally, you can take advantage of the vendor’s knowledge to expand your service base & bypass all the efforts required to develop your white label solution.

Why You Need a Trustworthy White Label Partner?

Branding stays at the heart of a White label solution. White Labelling is a great way for companies with limited resources and time constraints to get new products or services into their portfolio.

However, you'll need the right software if it's going on your brand customers should see only yours! Make sure that you choose the right vendor and the product that is customizable for your needs.

Hence, it is important to consider white labelling a long-term business relationship that goes beyond the product.

Here’s how you can choose a product and vendor.

Does The White label Product Add Value to Your Business? 

Before you hit the purchase button, ensure to take a tour of the product and see if the features & functionalities solve your problem?

Also, check whether the product is a good fit for your target audience or not.

Does it Add-on to Your Current Offerings?

You need to check if the product can be easily fitted onto your existing services or not. The new product could be a way for you to branch out and reach more customers.

Also, check the compatibility with your current system in place. There are a few who allows easy integration by merely just copying & pasting the code to your website. 

Is The White label Product Easy to Use?

Not everyone is a geek, especially a software expert in this matter. The product must deliver a great user experience. It should also encourage and generate engagement.

Does The Vendor Provide Support?

No system is full-proof. From time to time, it requires updates and bug fixing. High usage, storing data and other things may cause system outages or delayed services.

You need to confirm with the vendor about the support & other easily accessible services for your business to operate uninterrupted.

Wrap Up:

KONPARE - a comprehensive OSHC comparison tool brings you the real-time quotes from government-approved OSHC providers.

You can send instant policy certificates, earn best commission rates, send quotes with your branding, and much more at no cost at all.