How Just One OSHC Portal Helps You To Elevate Student Experience?

Startups and entrepreneurs have this spark and drive to go the extra mile in their ventures. Especially, education & migration agents have to remain extra careful because of their important role in a student’s higher education journey.

Of course, as a part of their job responsibility - they’ll provide consultation starting from university & courses to study in Australia to visa to OSHC (Overseas Student Health Insurance) to post-study work options. 

But, do you think that just the consultation will entice them to buy or opt for your services, especially with bigger & better consultancies lurking around the corner?

So, How Can You Survive in the Market With Such Cut-throat Competition Specifically in Times Like Global Pandemics?

You will have to utilize use-case, perform A/B testing, derive user persona, create empathy map, utilize testimonials, and much more. You can either use of all them or just one - but it has to deliver a compelling story to your clients. A story where they can correlate & connect themselves and more importantly, uplift their student experience.

It is best to pitch all available options and discuss scenarios just to give a clear picture to clients. Take OSHC for Australia as an example.

OSHC is Overseas Student Health Cover which is the mandatory insurance for students to adequately have for their entire period of stay in Australia. Just providing this much information will not suffice to drive them to your sales funnel For An International Education Agency.

To deliver the ultimate student experience, you’ll have to provide in-depth information about OSHC, OSHC providers such as Ahm OSHC, Nib OSHC, Medibank OSHC, Bupa OSHC, and Allianz. 

The world is on the brink of adopting a digital ecosystem and you could certainly leverage the same to deliver an exceptional student experience. You could send the newsletter, post on social networking channels, create dedicated landing pages to generate leads, close sales action, or any other activity.

Your main purpose is to keep them engaged with your agency’s activity, and interact with them whenever a search query arises.

Besides, social media campaigns and activities, you’ll also need to focus on your business operations. Wherein, keeping up-to-date records, using automation for various business functions, channelizing sales and marketing, etc.

Below are a few of the points to outshine in delivering optimal higher education student experience.

1. Unify Student Inquiry

You could run a Facebook ad on one side and the other hashtag campaign on Instagram and shooting landing pages via newsletter. Now all these marketing efforts are going to generate leads for your business and it is equally important to manage and track their progress also.

To extract and bifurcate leads from many sources seems to be a daunting task. In today’s fast-paced era, you could certainly rely on automation tools to efficiently manage other business operations. Avoiding manual processes will also help avoid occasional lead fallout.

2. Key learnings for Creative Marketing Campaigns

Today’s times dictate how uniquely your brand is willing to connect with its target audience. You need to devise a marketing strategy that projects services throughout the student lifecycle.

Email marketing, ads, landing pages are not only the means to generate leads but also to retain them for other services which are beyond graduation.

3. Landing Page

The landing page brings on the best marketing return when done right. A few points to keep in mind for landing pages are as follows:-

  • Keeping visual cues
  • Clear & compelling copy
  • Your message must match your ad campaign
  • Should be aligned with the brand’s vision and mission

4. Go For Automation   

You need to manage your time. Hence, try opting for an online portal or automation tools that will help you to organize & finish tasks without much manual input.

KONPARE is one such SaaS-based policy management portal that helps you with all your student experience needs. You could perform OSHC comparisons, manage sales metrics, earn a commission, and much more. There are many other benefits also to become a KONPARE OSHC partner. Explore KONPARE Today!


KONPARE is not only just an Online OSHC comparison tool but also helps you as a sales and marketing automation tool. You can Request a Quick Demo Session to know & experience the KONPARE OSHC tool.

KONPARE helps your business by being at the top end of the sales funnel. It also ensures the seamless flowing of your prospects in each stage instead of shoving or pushing them down while focusing on generating extra revenue by commission.