5 Effective Ways To Increase Revenue With OSHC Portal | KONPARE

Are you one of those education consultants who just began their entrepreneurial journey and the Coronavirus struck mankind?

Well, no one said that the journey will be easier but on the contrary, no one anticipated that it will be this hard. Well, who would have thought about the lockdown, economies getting concentrated, trades in turmoil, and much more.

The higher education business is the most affected sector among all & is looking to receive every aid it can to strive. Reduction in the number of international students has proportionately affected the number of student health insurance as well.

Amid all these, education consultants had to rethink their strategy to generate leads, pitch the best Australian OSHC plan, etc. However, that is what a startup has to overcome, isn’t it? Find out ways to survive. To turn calamity into an opportunity.

To begin with, one can start with collaboration, by bootstrapping process, and even automation. But before we divulge in the nitty-gritty of automation tools such as the OSHC agent portal, let’s have a look at how VC (venture capital) funding is rolling around the world.

Value of venture capital financing worldwide in 2020, by region (in billion U.S. dollars) by statista.com

In 2020, North America had the highest value of VC deal funding globally, with approximately 133 billion U.S. dollars in financing.

One can easily look back now and see that, yes Coronavirus did put a halt on our lives in every term. However, businesses were getting back on their feet more quickly than ever.

Quick adoption to digital transformation led everyone including universities and colleges to focus on delivering online education & hence, the virtual classes.

Students who were willing to give up on the cultural experience got enrolled in the online sessions. This set of students are still the target audience for education consultants to pitch OSHC for Australia.

Let’s find out how education agencies can turn this situation upside down to generate more revenue with the OSHC agent portal.

OSHC Partners Portal

All the leading government-approved OSHC providers such as Ahm, Nib, Medibank, Bupa, & Allianz allow agents to collaborate via their respective OSHC agent portal. But whether it is a Medibank oshc agent portal, Ahm OSHC Agent Portal, or any other, consultants still are not able to leverage on commission

How KONPARE OSHC Agent Portal Helps Your Business?

KONPARE is a SaaS-based OSHC comparison portal that helps higher education consultants to offer the best student health insurance quotes. Moreover, agents can tap into higher commission rates with the complete OSHC policy management tool.

Below are a few handy features to give you a gist:

  1. Free Sign-up & Instant Portal Access
  2. Easy Widget Integration To Your Website
  3. Brand Awareness & Visibility
  4. One-click Commission Management
  5. Higher Commission Opportunity
  6. Compare Quotes From Leading Providers

5 Effective Ways To Increase Revenue With KONPARE OSHC Portal

Lead Generations & Management

Generate and manage leads from one place. Improve your agency brand awareness and sell your other services.

Earn Top-notch Commissions

Sell policy through Konpare and earn attractive commissions on every policy. We provide a quick and easy commission payout.

Widget Integration

Get an easy integration of our Widget on your website for fast comparison by your clients. Get your customer to generate OSHC quotes instantly and buy them right on your website.

White Labelling

Enable the White Label Branding of your company and get digital with promoting OSHC. Share the link to sell OSHC through your very own white labeling URL across many social media platforms.

OSHC Sales Management Portal

Get all your sales data and revenue report in one place. Just with a click of a button, receive concise and intelligent reports. Track your sales progress and see your revenues grow from selling OSHC.

Wrap Up:

KONPARE is not only just an Online OSHC comparison tool but also helps you as a sales and marketing automation tool. You can say that it's a complete OSHC policy management tool.

You can? request a quick demo session?to know & experience the KONPARE OSHC tool. KONPARE helps your business by being at the top end of the sales funnel.

It also ensures the seamless flowing of your prospects in each stage instead of shoving or pushing them down while focusing on generating extra revenue by commission.