Top 6 Ways For Education Agents To Generate OSHC Leads

Selling insurance can be a daunting task -whether personal, accidental or OSHC for Australia per se. However, the Department of Home Affairs has mandated for students willing to study in Australia to compulsorily have a valid OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) for the visa length.

This has made it easier for education and migration agents to not have a hard pitch to sell OSHC to students & clients.

Yet, it becomes very vital for agents to secure leads for OSHC as a student or clients do have the following options to buy OSHC from either:

  • The overseas student’s Educational Institution or University;
  • The insurer;
  • A migration agent; or
  • An education agent acting as an intermediary on behalf of the Educational Institution

Processing OSHC for Australia along with visa lodging service not only increases the portfolio but also allows agents to earn a commission with each policy.

KONPARE has recently added BUPA OSHC to the list of OSHC providers & creating chances for education-cum-migration agents to,

  • Generate passive income by earning commission on each policy
  • Focus on lead generation & conversion
  • Streamline business functions
  • Manage sales & commission reports
  • Increase brand visibility with whitelabel

Everything at no cost.

Let us now focus on how education agents can improve lead generation.

How Education Agents Can Improve Lead Generation?

Let us understand the top 6 ways for education agents to generate quality OSHC leads:

1. Go Organic

To have your name appear organically in the search engine will require lots of effort and patience. You’ll not only require proper site navigation, keyword placement in web pages, blogs, etc. but also have to have a complete SEO-friendly ecosystem.

Focusing on your SEO and digital marketing aspect will help you save a ton by eliminating to promote paid ads. Organic search results are the best in building authenticity for your products and services such as for OSHC.

With help of certain tools, you can even analyze the organic lead-generated data to help you further optimize your website to make it more user-driven.

2. Paid Advertising

As we suggested above that organic SEO might take a while. Hence, in the meantime, you could try moving up the ladder with paid ads using Google Adwords. It is a kind of a shortcut but keeps prospects rolling in who are looking for OSHC for Australia. Furthermore, paid ads on social channels such as LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., can also help you generate leads while also prominently promote your overall services, increase web traffic & spread brand awareness.

Ultimately, the goal is to let prospects enter your sales funnel with the help of marketing channels. Most important is to keep their interest build-up while you deliver information via lead magnets such as e-book, guides, webinars, handouts, etc. Remember, not to push for a hard sell until the prospect has reached the ‘Action’ stage in your sales funnel.

3. Purchase Leads

Another faster approach is to straightaway buy the leads. There are many companies doing data mining and providing lead generation services to upcoming education & migration agents. These leads are based on buying triggers - which means they were actively looking for the visa services or best OSHC price online.

Closing on these prospects would be far easier than working your way up with organic leads. The only drawback is that you can’t be sure of the quality of the leads.

More precisely, the same leads would be circling through your market and many agents could be trying to convert the same lot. Make sure to carefully evaluate your lead generation provider’s data to have the optimum lead conversion to make it a profitable investment..

4. Expand Your Network

Growing the network within your profession would work like a charm. Organize a free walk-in day or education expo, attend events, workshops, set up webinars, and other such activities to connect with the community & local business owners, institutions, etc.

This could marginally help you to build a relationship and valuable contacts. People are more prone to trust and recommend someone if they have met and are acquainted with each other. 

5. Be Audience Specific

Your marketing efforts should vary based on your target audience. What works for a recently graduated college student will not work for a working professional who is looking to add an advanced degree to help him further grow in an organization. 

Your campaign should be tailored accordingly to suit your target market. You could add a consultation fee waiver, or any other kind of discount to make it look more attractive. At last, a perfectly placed call-to-action that your prospects can’t escape from the offer.

6. Follow Up

Do not underestimate the power of reconnecting. Your clients whether students or working professionals - are still human and have a lot to deal with in a day. They might seem to have escaped your sales funnel, but you must reconnect with them as you have tried harder to earn their business.

Try email, phone calls, or messages but don’t try all at once. You want them to think that you are there with a tailored-made solution just for them and not sound pushy or greedy for the sale.

A good & professional relation will help you retain them for a longer period as well as provide an opportunity to upsell later for any other services.

Wrap Up:

KONPARE a comprehensive OSHC comparison tool brings you the best quote from government-approved insurers. You can send instant policy certificates, earn a generous commission, send quotes with your branding, and much more at no cost at all.