What Does BUPA OSHC Update Mean For Education & Migration Agents? | KONPARE

Being an education or migration agent, day-in-day-out you deal with providing overseas student health cover-related services among many others to your clients.

Being a consultant means you have got to be specific about every information you give to your clients, let alone, OSHC for Australia.

Let’s discuss a scenario. you are sitting down with a prospect in a virtual session amid lockdown who wants to study in Australia. The client wants to know whether OSHC covers COVID-19 related illness or not.

If you were not sure or expecting this question and got hesitated before giving them the correct answer - this could also cost you your potential client and they may never return. In such a scenario, you’ll have one less of a client to pass through your sales funnel.

Fewer clients in your sales funnel mean less lead conversion means less revenue generation.

So, how to tackle this situation? How to increase business revenue & grow?

That brings us to today’s announcement. 

We are gladly welcoming BUPA OSHC to the KONPARE OSHC providers list.

One of the benefits of being a KONPARE partner agent is to earn a generous commission on each health insurance policy irrespective of the OSHC provider, not to mention BUPA overseas health cover.

KONPARE helps you generate passive income for your education agency while you attend to other important business areas. One-touch access to all your commission earned & sales reports helps you manage the business efficiently. 

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Alright, so now you know that how KONPARE helps you keep a steady flow of income to generate business revenue and grow. 

Let us now focus on other nitty-gritty wherein you can deliver an accurate piece of information to your clients related to overseas student health cover, especially OSHC BUPA.

BUPA OSHC Guide For Clients & Students:

What is covered?

With BUPA OSHC, your clients are covered in hospital care in private or public hospitals, choice of doctor, out-of-hospital medical and allied health professional fees, pharmacy, and a range of additional services.

What is covered - Hospital Cover

Additional Benefits

Note: It is important that you contact your insurer before making a booking to confirm how much you can claim, whether the pre-existing condition waiting period applies or not, etc. 

Wrap Up:

At KONPARE, we are constantly striving to improve our OSHC comparison tool and simultaneously focusing on providing as many benefits as we can to education and migration agents. As for now, it is time to rejoice and start earning a 12% commission on confirming each BUPA OSHC policy for your clients.